Deaf-Owned Eateries Are Fighting Joblessness


Unemployment is a big problem among the deaf and hearing-impaired.

At Mozzeria, and authentic Neapolitan pizzeria in San Francisco, you might have to wait two hours for a table on a Saturday night.

When you do make it into the dining room, the atmosphere is surprisingly quiet. That’s becvause the entire staff is either deaf or hard of hearing.

Mozzeria is part of a trend, KPBS reports. In an attempt to provide employment for the 52 percent of the deaf community that is unemployed, eateries owned or staffed by deaf people are popping up around the country — and the world.

The first in the USA was Crepe Crazy in Austin, Texas. A deaf-friendly Starbucks store recently opened in Washington, DC. And now Mozzeria is set to open franchises in other locations.

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