Deaf High School Team Captain Dominates His Opponents

Deaf High School Team Captain Dominates His Opponents

“He had no quit in him.”

Devin Holmes has been profoundly deaf since birth, USA Today reports. This is his third year on the varsity football team at Bloomfield Hills High School in Michigan, and his second as a starter on the defensive line. At 6 feet, 285 pounds, he often forces opponents to double-team him.

“It started with his size,” says his coach, Dan Loria. “We don’t have size like that, so we brought him up as a sophomore. He played some and then started last year.”

Devin never envisioned being captain, since he can’t really talk to his teammates.

“My belief is you’re not going to be a captain because you do everything right,” Loria told USA Today. “There are a lot of kids who do that. I need something more. The kids rally around him. He influences them in a way I’ve never seen before. They want him to succeed.”

“Even though he can’t talk and communicate with us, he’s one of the captains who’s like, ‘Show me, don’t tell me,’ ” said fellow captain and senior wide receiver Alec Ward. “He’ll pull somebody aside and show them and communicate in his own way instead of telling them and screaming at them.

“It’s kind of a different kick off of what a captain can be. He likes to get excited. We all feed off his energy, which is why he’s one of the captains because we all follow him.”

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