Deaf Google Staffer Instructed to ‘Watch Her Tone’

Deaf Google Staffer Instructed to ‘Watch Her Tone’

Employee newsletter highlights incidents of bias.

​Google’s anonymous bias reporting newsletter, “Yes, At Google,” puts out a monthly microaggressions report, the Daily Caller reports.

One employee started the newsletter in 2016 and it has grown over time. Today it is a monthly newsletter with an editorial board.

Its editor is Heather Cain, the leader of Google’s Respect@ program, a human resources initiative begun in 2015 that, according to the New York Times, “includes a way for employees to anonymously report complaints of inappropriate behavior by co-workers.”

One newsletter contained the following entry: “Reminded today by my manager that I need to be more aware of my tone when interacting with others as sometimes it’s often not appropriate given the situation. Fact: I am deaf and rely on Cochlear implants to ‘hear.’ I cannot differentiate tones.”

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