Deaf Fitness Instructor Calls for More Accessibility in Gyms


She now has her own coaching app.

India Morse was born deaf, and she believes that the fitness industry isn’t inclusive enough, Insider reports.

One of her main gripes is that workout classes aren’t visual enough for the deaf community.

“There’s always so much talking throughout classes and a lot less action!” she told Insider.
“Fitness classes tend to be very dependent on having music to go along with the vibe but in all honesty, they often forget about the importance of being visual.”

“Prior to the workouts beginning, I have tried following what they are saying but due to the lack of being visual in their explanations I regularly get lost and don’t know what to do, and then they suddenly say ‘go’ and the workout is in full swing!”

Morse said it affected her a lot at first, but then she decided she would simply have to create her own workouts.

She now has 14,000 followers on Instagram, but she believes the social network should be doing more to cater for the deaf community.

“I would say it has poor accessibility, for example live workouts without any captions,” Morse said. “It would be amazing if they considered this.”

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