Deaf and Isolated: One Woman’s Covid-19 Experience

Deaf and Isolated: One Woman’s Covid-19 Experience

“I’ve been socially distancing since I was in elementary school.”

This week guest writer Kelly Dougher shared her experience as a deaf person navigating social isolation during the pandemic with Huffpost readers:

As a deaf person, I know just how awful it can be to feel isolated. I’ve had to struggle with it my entire life. But many, many people are suddenly experiencing the side effects of isolation for the first time.

Think for a moment about who might be struggling in isolation right now: your grandmother, your friend who lives alone, the single parent, the new mom who’s forced to be apart from family while acclimating to life with a newborn, your favorite teacher from elementary school whom you haven’t spoken to in a while, your cousin who had to go home early from college, your friend whom you suspect might be in an abusive relationship, your friend who suffers from depression and anxiety in the best of times.

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