Chinese Province Bans App-Based Homework

Chinese Province Bans App-Based Homework

Eyesight damage has become an epidemic.

A Chinese province will ban teachers from assigning homework to be completed on mobile phone apps in an effort to preserve students’ eyesight, The Guardian reports.

The eastern province of Zhejiang, just south of Shanghai, issued a draft regulation last week and asked for public comment. Several provinces are considering similar measures.

The regulation would also limit the use of electronic devices to 30 percent of total teaching time and encourage teachers to assign paper homework to be completed by hand.

China’s soaring rates of nearsightedness have been blamed partly on screen usage. While the country’s overall rate of myopia is 31 percent, it is 77 percent among high school students and 80 percent among college students.

The new regulation would also require primary and middle school students to seek permission to bring electronic devices into classrooms, as well as limiting the amount of homework assigned and increasing time for breaks, sports and extracurricular activities.

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