Child Blinded by Flu Regains Her Eyesight

Child Blinded by Flu Regains Her Eyesight

Without a flu shot, she almost died.
An Iowa girl who lost her vision after almost dying from the flu has regained her eyesight, CNN reports.

Jade DeLucia Only left the hospital in January following her recovery from the flu. Recently family members noticed that 4-year-old Jade was suddenly walking by herself to the bathroom, without touching the walls.

Family members asked Jade where her uncle was, and she walked right to him.

“From there, it was almost an instant thing,” Jade’s mother, Amanda Phillips, told CNN. “She’s doing really good.”

Jade, who hadn’t had a flu shot this season, came down with it just before Christmas. On Christmas Day, doctors told her parnets that the flu had caused significant brain damage — encephalopathy. “They said our child might not ever wake up, and if she did, she might not ever be the same,” her mom told CNN in January.

But on New Year’s Day, Jade’s eyes were open and she smiled. Doctors said she was lucky to be alive —
but Jade couldn’t see, because the flu had affected the part of her brain that perceives sight. Her doctors didn’t know if she would ever see again.

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