Can We Make Hearing Aids as Cool as Glasses?

Can We Make Hearing Aids as Cool as Glasses?

Cool glasses? You’re Elton John. Hearing aids? You’re a little old lady.”

Suppose you could get hearing aids that made you look like Mr. Spock.

Or that lit up with crazy colors.

Those are questions asked by Jennifer Finley Boylan in an opinion piece this week in The New York Times.

Maybe — just maybe — innovations like these would help more people get past the stigma of hearing aids, especially those vain Baby Boomers, many of whom really need them but just can’t bear the thought of appearing too much like a geezer.

In her article, Ms. Boylan goes into some more serious territory, discussing the Over-the-Counter Hearing Aid Act, which is awaiting FDA guidelines at the moment, and lamenting the fact that hearing aids are not covered by Medicare.

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