Can Nanotechnology Give Us Infrared Vision?

Can Nanotechnology Give Us Infrared Vision?

Scientists inject eyes of mice with nanoparticles to convert infrared light.

Researchers at the University of Science and Technology of China have injected the eyes of mice with nanoparticles that designed to stick to the light-detecting cells in the rodents’ retinas, The Atlantic reports.

The particles convert incoming infrared light (that the cells cannot naturally detect) into old green light (that they can detect).

The experiments at the university in Hefei, China, were carried out by a team led by Tian Xue.

“It’s as if Xue implanted thousands of tiny infrared goggles inside the rodents’ eyes. With their technologically augmented retinas, the mice could respond to infrared light that would otherwise have been invisible to them,” the article explains.

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