Can AirPods Be Used as Hearing Aids?

Can AirPods Be Used as Hearing Aids?

For many older adults with mild hearing loss, wireless earbuds like AirPods can be used as an assisted listening device when paired with a smartphone, Senior Living reports.

They are cheaper than hearing aids, and no one can tell that the wearer is using the devices to amplify sounds.

AirPods have a feature called Live Listen that uses your iPhone as a microphone. Live Listen helps drown out background noise and amplify sound, so you can hear better in a crowded space, or hear someone speaking across the room more clearly. If you have trouble hearing someone at dinner in a noisy restaurant, this feature could benefit you.

This feature helps you use your AirPods to enhance hearing, but of course it does not replace a hearing aid. Hearing aids do more to amplify sound, and they’re highly specific to your particular type of hearing loss, ear anatomy, and needs.

An audiologist can help you determine what’s right for you. For those with more severe hearing loss, getting the right equipment is extremely important; people who let hearing loss go untreated are at a greater risk for depression, social isolation and dementia.

The Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation can help those who live in 12 California counties who need hearing aids but can’t afford the cost — you can find out how to qualify here.

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