Botched Botox Injections Cause Blindness in Australia

Botched Botox Injections Cause Blindness in Australia

Untrained practitioners inject filler into veins and arteries.

Australia’s peak professional body for cosmetic medicine and surgery has issued a warning to people planning to get cheek or lip dermal fillers after a disturbing number of cases of reported blindness caused by botched procedures, reports.

The president of the Australasian College of Cosmetic Surgery, Dr. Irene Kushelew, said nearly 200 people suffered accidental blindness from procedures performed by poorly qualified practitioners.

“Many Australians incorrectly believe that procedures involving dermal fillers are beauty treatments, in the same category as facials,” Dr. Kushelew said in a media release.

“Complications can and do take place, but reports of botched procedures and the use of imported, illegal products are on the rise in Australia.”

“The public needs protection from untrained, inexperienced, ‘occasional’ practitioners offering cosmetic procedures who do not understand the high-risk areas of the face,” she said.

Dr Kushelew said untrained operators had mistakenly injected filler into veins and arteries, blocking blood supply ultimately causing blindness.

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