Blind Rider Wins National Jumping Title in UK

Blind Rider Wins National Jumping Title in UK

His mom tells him when to turn.

A rider who is completely blind in one eye and has almost no vision in the other won at the British Showjumping national championships, Horse & Hound reports. And he did it on a horse had ridden only once before.

Ronnie Robinson, 14, and In a World of His Own won the Junior Grade IV Para division last week.  He can see about an inch in front of him in one eye, and has some sense of colors, but that’s it.

“When we walk the course, I learn the jumps by their color,” he told Horse & Hound. “Then my mum stands in the ring with me and says, ‘Turn now!'”  After that, “I just hope the horse does it.”

Ronnie was born with his condition but started riding with his sisters at an early age.

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