Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Guide Dog

Blind Golden Retriever Gets His Own Guide Dog

For most of his life, the 11-year-old Golden Retriever named Tao enjoyed perfect eyesight, Got Dog reports. But eventually he developed glaucoma, which eventually led to losing his vision.

According to Melanie Jackson, Tao’s owner, his loss of sight came unexpectedly. He began to shake his head continuously as if something was bothering him. When his family brought him to the vet a few hours later, the vet determined he was already blind due to glaucoma and removed one of Tao’s eyes.

The vets suggested euthanasia for Tao, but Melanie did not want to give up on him. Tao was a part of her family, and she wanted to find a way for him to live happily even without sight.

Jackson and her family did not want Tao to struggle, so they decided to get him his own puppy. As soon as Oko moved in, he instantly loved Tao, and now the two Golden Retrievers are the best of friends.

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