Bank Employee Was Fired for Helping Visually Impaired Customer

Bank Employee Was Fired for Helping Visually Impaired Customer

A bank manager in the UK was fired after helping a visually impaired customer open his mail, BBC News reports.

Nadia Begum lost her job at a branch of Lloyds in Oxford after helping Clifford Weedon, 86, with tasks as his eyesight worsened.

Lloyds defended its decision, saying it was based on ensuring customers were protected by its “colleague code of responsibility.”

As Clifford’s eyesight grew worse, he said Nadia became a “godsend,” helping him with tasks including opening his mail. He said any suggestion that he was taken advantage of was “absolutely ridiculous,” describing the bank’s decision to fire her as “horrendous.” “She’s an angel in disguise,” he said. “I’ve never met a person like her.”

Both Nadia and Clifford said when the bank found out about their friendship it carried out an investigation, but discovered no illegal activity.

“I thought that’s my career over, and how am I ever going to get another job?: Nadia said. “I was getting married, I stopped eating for a while, I was stressing the whole time.”

But the story has a happy ending: Nadia got several job offers, including one from energy provider Octopus Energy, which she accepted. Nadia told the BBC she had been “put on a pedestal” at the new company for the same reason she lost her job at the bank.

Chief executive Greg Jackson said when he heard her story “I knew immediately that we needed to hire her.”

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