Baby Gets Her First Hearing Aids, Dissolves in Giggles

Her big sister’s voice is the first thing she hears.

Eleven-month-old Scarlet Benjamin received her first hearing aids last week, and her reaction has warmed hearts across the country, CBS News reports.

Scarlet’s mother, Carol Dianne Benjamin, wrote on Facebook that Scarlet was born three months early and suffered a serious infection early on.

“She ended up getting NEC … and the antibiotics that she needed cause hearing loss,” Benjamin explained. NEC stands for necrotizing enterocolitis, a common but serious intestinal disease in premature babies.

“It has been a LONG and emotional experience,” Carol wrote. “She reacted to most sounds so we thought she could hear fairly well.” The family didn’t realize how little Scarlet could hear, until she got her first hearing aids. “Hearing aids make a WORLD of difference!” Benjamin wrote.

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