Australian Deaf Cricket Team Embraced as Heroes at World Cup in India


The Melbourne Deaf Cricket Club is believed to be the oldest sporting club for deaf people in the world.

Andrew Park, captain of Australia’s deaf cricket team, didn’t know what had hit him, Cricket Australia reports.

Kids were coming at him from every angle.

Beaming smiles. Huge hugs. It felt like hundreds of them. He did the only thing he could think to do, and embraced it.

“Being deaf can be challenging in a way that all your other senses are heightened,” Park says. “So when the whole school swarmed me, it was overwhelming, but in the best way.”

The Australians had traveled to India for the Deaf World Cup, accompanied by two interpreters, a doctor, a physiotherapist, a media manager, and Cricket Australia’s Diversity & Inclusion Specialist.

“We want everyone in the team to keep developing their cricket – to go back home, think about what we’ve learned and the key areas to work in with their clubs and their state associations,” Park said.

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