Another Hazard of the Big Chill: Snow Blindness


Even on overcast days, your eyes can be affected.

When Krista Canfield McNish hiked up to Mount Kilimanjaro’s summit with her friends, she was aware of most of the potential dangers, reports.

But there was one threat she hadn’t anticipated.

“[One] night, my now-husband and I were hanging out in our tent, and all of a sudden, it felt like our tent had turned into a steam room,” McNish told Accuweather.

The interior of the tent became increasingly hazy, and she asked her boyfriend if it looked like that to him. It didn’t.

Out of the group, she alone had been struck by snow blindness. Her vision had been hurt by the glaring light of the sun reflecting off snow, which can reflect more than 80 percent of the ultraviolet rays that reach the ground.

The condition is also known as photokeratitis, an inflammation of the cornea from light exposure.

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