6 FAQs about LSH (and Our Answers)

6 FAQs about LSH (and Our Answers)

Recently, I was speaking to a bank teller and mentioned that I work at Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation of California. Her immediate response was, “Lions – they help with eyes, right?” I went through my usual explanation, but while answering, I realized I should be writing this down to put on the website. So, below, find some commonly asked questions and LSH’s responses, so when people ask you any of these questions, you can simply send them to our Frequently Asked Questions (LSHF.org/FAQ) page for answers.

Why are you called LSH?

LSH is short for our name “Lions Sight & Hearing Foundation of Southern California” and our website is www.LSHF.org.

What areas do you serve? What areas are included in Southern California?

We currently serve 12 counties, even beyond the Southern California area that our name suggests. See our interactive map at LSHF.org/service-area.

Is LSH (Lions Sight and Hearing of Southern California) and Lions Clubs the same organization?

LSH has a close connection with Lions Clubs, and is endorsed by Lions Clubs and Lions International. See more here.

What is the 2021 Tax Alert about?

The IRS recently announced a special pandemic-related tax provision for donations. The provision allows greater deductions even if you don’t itemize. See more here, or go to http://www.LSHF.org/TaxAlert.

Can I make a 2021 Year-end Gift to LSH in time to get the Tax Benefit?

Yes, if you make the online donation by midnight on Friday, December 31st, 2021 at LSHF.org/donate. Or, mail a check or money order dated December 31st to:

LSH Foundation
3450 East Spring Street, Suite 212
​Long Beach, CA 90806

As long as we receive the check by Friday, January 7, 2022, and it’s dated December 2021, your donation receipt will be for 2021.  Please email us at info@lshf.org if you have any questions or concerns while making your year-end gift.

Is it safe to donate online at LSHF.org?

We use a secure program called Donorbox to ensure complete security on our website. You will find more details about this here.

If you have other questions to add to our FAQs, or need help with making a 2021 Year End Donation, please reply to this email, or email LSH at info@LSHF.org. As always, if you know someone who needs our help restoring their gifts of sight or hearing, please contact LSH.

Hope you have a great start of 2022! Happy New Year!


Randy Stein, CEO

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