3D-Printed Halo Helps Blind 18-Year-Old Dog

3D-Printed Halo Helps Blind 18-Year-Old Dog

The latest benefactor of 3D printing technology is a two-and-a-half pound Pomeranian named Sienna, freethink.com reports.

Like many seniors, Sienna has failing eyesight, resulting in collisions with door frames and walls.

But Sienna is in luck, because her owner, Chad Lalande, has a brand-new 3D printer.

Chad knew there were devices called “blind dog halos,” designed to help dogs with vision problems like Sienna get around. They look like a halo that goes around a dog’s head, and they act like a bumper. Before the animal runs into something, the halo will hit it first.

But these devices can be very expensive, and Chad wasn’t sure he’d be able to find one to fit tiny Sienna, so he decided to see if he could make one using the 3D printer he’d gotten for Christmas last year.


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