Effort is part of his Eagle Scout service project

Effort is part of his Eagle Scout service project.
​Starting this week, drivers in Frisco, Texas who are hearing impaired can display a special placard to let police officers know they may have trouble understanding commands, NBC News reports.This new approach to improving communication between the public and police is designed  by 16-year-old Jack Musser, a junior at Reedy High School in Frisco. “I wanted to make an impact in the community and I thought this was the right thing to do,” Jack told NBCDFW.

Jack hears with the help of cochlear implants. He lost his hearing after a bout of meningitis when he was younger. Last year, while learning to drive, Jack began to think about the challenges other hearing-impaired drivers could face on the road.

He pitched his idea to Frisco police last year and has since met with officers during patrol briefings to explain how the placard would work. Frisco police embraced the idea and now the placards are available to drivers at police headquarters.

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