Nancy Ruyter

"I think LSH is a major contributor to the wellbeing of people."

Soon after Nancy Ruyter was born, she developed pyloric spasms and her left eye totally crossed. Her parents knew she would need an operation to correct it.
“When I was a baby they thought I should wait till I was a teenager to get the operation,” Nancy told us, “but by the time I was 5 or 6, they realized that if they didn’t operate, that eye would never learn to see.”
But the operation was expensive and her parents weren’t wealthy. Nancy says she is almost certain that the local Lions Club paid for her surgery — and for that reason, she has always appreciated Lions Clubs and the organizations that partner with them to restore vision.
Nancy got together with her current partner 16 years ago, and joined her local Lions Club with his encouragement. Through the club, she learned about LSH, and she has become one of our most faithful donors. A retired professor at UC Irvine, she says she donates to many causes, “but I think LSH is a major contributor to the well-being of people. It helps people who otherwise wouldn’t be able to get the treatment they need. I think it’s an excellent choice.”
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