Lora Lee McDunn

In 2013 “Dr. Lora” began her partnership with the Lions Sight and Hearing Foundation to dispense hearing aids for our clients. Over the next five years LSH sent a dozen clients to her at Miracle Ear in Pasadena.
These clients were half men and half women between the ages of 34 and 88 years old. Each had special circumstances for having gone without hearing aids. Some had to be supported through an adjustment period, since they heard long forgotten sounds.
Dr. McDunn helped them through this adjustment process until they felt comfortable wearing hearing aids. Some had to come back to her for repair and adjustment.
One client with an allergy shared with us that Dr. Lora showed her how to protect her skin from the metal part of the hearing aid by coating it with clear nail polish.
Another client observed that she “genuinely cares about her clients; that is what makes her such a great hearing aid specialist. When she meets her clients she creates a long-term relationship with them that makes them keep coming back.”
Dr. McDunn has been in Pasadena and with Miracle-Ear for more than 25 years. She is a Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist. In addition to LSH, she also works with the Miracle-Ear Foundation and Lions Clubs in Pasadena, East Whittier and Arcadia.

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