Gloria Montoya

“I feel truly blessed.”

Photo:  Anne Fishbein

Gloria Montoya started seeing spots.

“I began to notice a problem when I would enter a place that had a lot of light, like a store. I would see spots, especially with my right eye,” she told us.

She couldn’t understand what was happening. She would cover one eye, then the other, but the same thing would happen. 

Gloria works as a housekeeper, and she started noticing that she couldn’t see the small things.  As the days and weeks passed, her eyesight worsened. She knew she needed help, but she didn’t have health insurance. She decided to go to Walmart Optics, the only alternative she could afford.

The results were sobering: she had cataracts, and would need surgery as soon as possible. But there was no way Gloria could afford the cost. 

One of her clients, Terrye Peterson, noticed that something was wrong, and Gloria confided in her. “I never thought that my employer could help me; I just wanted her to advise me and guide me as to what I should do next,” Gloria said.

Terrye did some research and found her way to LSH. She shared Gloria’s story, and soon Gloria was scheduled for surgery at the Sall Research Medical Center.

“I couldn’t believe how nice they were,” she told us. “They treated me with gentleness and respect.”

Gloria is back at work now, and her vision is excellent. “I feel truly blessed,” she says.

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