Elena Sabilla

“I am really thankful.”

Photo: Carla Duran

Four years ago, when Elena Sabilla was living in the Philippines, she began having trouble with her eyes. She went to a doctor, who diagnosed her with glaucoma.

“He gave me some eye drops,” she says, “but it got worse.”

Two years ago she moved to California to be closer to her grandchildren. The problems with her eyes weren’t getting any better. “I always had a headache and it was hard to read,” she says.

Finally she went to a doctor here and found that the problem wasn’t glaucoma after all: she had cataracts in both eyes.

She also had no health insurance, but the doctor’s office put her in touch with LSH. In December Elena had surgery on both eyes.

“I’ve worn glasses since I was six years old,” Elena says, “and now I don’t have to. I can see clearly; I can read and watch TV.

“I’m very thankful for you guys — it’s good I found you. I really appreciate all your help.”

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