Dr. Robert Fabricant

For more than a decade, Robert Fabricant has worked with LSH, performing vision-saving surgery at the Pacific Eye Institute.
“For me, eye surgery is great fun,” he says. “Doing for people who have lost sight is incredibly gratifying. Basically what we do is allow them to get their drivers’ licenses back and become productive members of society again.”
Dr. Fabricant notes that, especially for people who lack the means to get surgery, there’s a tendency to avoid dealing with it. “Either because of denial or fear, they don’t come in. People will live with it forever, until it results in legal blindness.”
Cataract surgery is surprisingly straightforward, he says. “It takes about seven minutes – people are often surprised at its simplicity. And in general, people are very, very happy to see the result. It’s a great feeling to see that.”
Dr. Fabricant is the inventor of the Fabricant System, a device for cataract removal. He has been recognized as Inland Empire Top Doctor. In his spare time, he has competed in marathons and triathlons and is an avid Argentine Tango dancer.

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