Directors’ Stories

Deborah Braun – Secretary

Deborah Braun is CEO/Consultant of Exceptional Solutions, a nonprofit incubator.

She has worked with nonprofit organizations including:

  • Special Needs Resource Foundation of San Diego (Supporting parents and advocates in the special needs community)
  • Veterans Small Business Association Foundation
  • Foundation for Veteran Opportunities
  • Phoenix Foods USA (Reclaiming healthy food that would otherwise go to waste)
  • Chappell Place (To help female Veterans suffering from PTSD)
  • Here to Assist
  • #nolongervictims (support for military sexual assault victims)
  • Be Forever Home (Assisting in the adoption processes of foster children)
  • Make Kids Count (Supporting foster kids)

In 2003, Deborah was honored with the Republican Senatorial Medal of Freedom and was inducted into the 2003-2004 Manchester Who’s Who Registry of Executive and Professionals.

As a member of Lions Clubs International District 4-L6, she was awarded a Melvin Jones Fellowship.

She was educated at the University of San Diego, concentrating in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, Human Resource Management and Business Administration

She also attended the Dr. Peter F. Drucker & Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management.


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