Curt Crocker

"I just have a better feel for day-to-day life.”

Photo: Alex Horvath

For Curt Crocker, it was a familiar story. “I was driving my wife nuts,” he told us.
“I kept asking, ‘What did you say?’ and she had to keep asking, ‘Did you hear that?’ I could hear the TV, but I couldn’t discern what they were saying.”
This went on for a couple of years. Finally Curt went to get a hearing test, and found that he only had 70% of his hearing in the higher pitch range. And like many of our clients, he found out two disturbing facts: Hearing aids would cost around $3,000 and his insurance didn’t cover it.
“We couldn’t afford it,” he told us. “So I just said I’m not going to worry about it – we just can’t do it now.”
But Curt’s wife, Sally, wasn’t ready to give up. She went online and started researching – and her research led her to LSH. It wasn’t long before Curt had his hearing aids.
“Right off the bat when I put them on, I heard my shoes rub against the floor,” he told us.
“I could rub my hands together and hear the friction. When I walked outside, I could hear the traffic much clearer. I could hear the wind in my ears.”
He hadn’t been aware that those sounds were diminishing – but now they were back. “It was an odd feeling,” he says.
There have been other changes too. “One of the things that’s really helpful is talking on the phone. The TV is clearer, and I don’t bother my wife so much with questions I shouldn’t have to ask her. I just have a better feel for day-to-day life.”
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