Christian Reyes

“He wouldn't even turn his head.”

Photo: Anne Fishbein

When Christian Reyes was 3 years old, he started turning up the volume on the TV at home.

His mom, Evangelina, was worried about his hearing. She asked the doctor about it and he told her that was just the way Christian liked it. 

“He has mild autism,” Evangelina explains, “so I thought it was because of that.”
But once Christian started school, she began to worry again. In kindergarten, his teachers would call on him and sometimes he wouldn’t answer. “He wouldn’t even turn his head,” Evangelina remembers.
In the car, he wanted the radio volume turned up high. “He talked very loud, too,” Evangelina says. “I knew it wasn’t normal.” She insisted that his pediatrician test his hearing. But once again, she was told there was no problem.
Finally, through a referral from Christian’s school, he got a proper audiogram that confirmed what Evangelina had suspected all along: Christian had hearing loss in both ears. Now the problem was paying for hearing aids.
The hearing specialist referred Evangelina to LSH. 
“I called you guys and sent the information you wanted. It was very fast, like maybe three weeks. You sent me to the Gardena Hearing Center and Christian got hearing aids right away.”

Now Christian responds immediately when he’s called on at school. “He’s very happy. He says, ‘Mommy, I can hear better.'”

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