“Sometimes people just don’t realize that there’s hope.”

“Sometimes people just don’t realize that there’s hope.”

For most of his life, Jim Soderborg had no hearing at all in his left ear because he had  scarring from mastoidectomy operations. Later on, the hearing in his right ear started to go. At the time he was living in the Bay Area, and he got a hearing aid with help from his local Lions Club.

Then he moved to Paradise. Yes, that Paradise — the town that burned in 2018. While he was living there, he lost the hearing aid. And then he lost his home.

He moved in with a friend in Morro Bay, and he was without a hearing aid for about a year and a half. He couldn’t afford to replace it.

“It was very hard,” Jim told us. “I could function but it was very difficult. I had to read lips and have the person looking right at me.”

Finally Jim went to the Morro Bay Lions Club for help, and they referred him to us.

We sent him to the Morro Bay Hearing Aid Center, and he walked in just hoping to get another device for his right ear. But audiologist Gretchen Daulman wasn’t satisfied with that. She believed she could also help with his left ear.”I was only applying for one ear,” he told us. But he left with two hearing aids — and now he could hear with an ear that had been totally deaf for most of his life..

“It’s a miracle,” Jim says. “Now I can hear better than everybody else.”

Jim is hoping more people will become aware of the good LSH can do.

“Sometimes people just don’t realize that there’s hope,” he told us. “I’m so grateful to you guys for changing my life.”


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