Meet Dave Hubbard

Dave Hubbard of Cayucos. Photo by Laura Dickinson for Lion's Hearing and Eyesight Foundation.

Meet Dave Hubbard

When it comes to the LSH mission, Dave Hubbard knows what he’s talking about.

A longtime Lion and an LSH advocate, Dave suffers from hearing loss, and he told us he was in denial for a long time before he did something about it.

“I denied it for about 17 years,” he says. “It got to the point where when I was doing leadership training, I couldn’t hear what people were saying. I’d have to ask people three or four times to repeat a question.

“Finally I said this has got to stop.”

Dave now regrets that he waited so long.

“What happens is, especially when you can’t hear for a long time, your brain ceases to be able to process words. You lose your ability to understand what people are saying. Almost half the words someone says, I’m not going to be able to process. This is a common problem.


“Most people who are not hearing impaired wouldn’t understand. What goes in is not necessarily what you said. And the longer you go without hearing aids, the greater the problem becomes.”


Dave is now very happy with his hearing aids. “Half the time you can’t even see them,” he notes.


Along with his work for LSH, Dave and his wife Gail volunteer in District 4-A3 doing hearing screenings with kids in schools in Santa Maria.


We’re lucky to have Dave as part of the LSH team.

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