Her grandkids would say, “Forget it, Grandma.”

Photo: Anne Fishbein

Her grandkids would say, “Forget it, Grandma.”

Before Charlotte Carreon got her hearing aids, her TV was so loud that the whole neighborhood could hear it.

Her neighbor across the street told her, “I can hear your TV over here,” and she’d say, “Well good, because I can’t.”

The worst thing, Charlotte told us, was the way people got annoyed with her when she asked them to repeat themselves.

After she asked a couple of times, they would say ‘Forget it.’
“It was really frustrating,” she told us. “Even my little grandkids would say, ‘Forget it, grandma,’ and walk away.

“It made me get mad. I would say, ‘It’s not my fault, why are you mad at me?'”

Finally Charlotte asked the supervisor at her community center in Monrovia for help, and that’s how she found her way to LSH. Within two weeks, she had her hearing aids.

Her neighbors are probably relieved, since she no longer has to have the volume on her TV cranked all the way up.

And now she doesn’t have to constantly ask people to repeat themselves. She’s had her hearing aids for a couple of months now.

“I love them,” she told us. “I worship them. And when I don’t want to hear people, I pull them out,” she says with a giggle.

“They’re 100% wonderful.”


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