Cabin Fever!

Cabin Fever!

t’s turning into a long, strange summer, isn’t it?
Like a lot of you (I suspect), I’m feeling just a bit restless. Sure, I like working from home, and I love my family. But still, this new normal takes some getting used to.
There is one silver lining, though. I’m spending a LOT less time on the freeways, and a lot less money on gas.
I’ve started thinking about other families that may have two or three vehicles in their driveways, and I have a hunch that at least one of them isn’t getting much use.

Then there’s the lovely game of parking ballet: who needs to back out into the street to let somebody else leave the house? It gets old, right?

So I’m asking a favor: think hard about how many vehicles you really need. And then think about how much good you could do by donating that surplus vehicle to LSH, where it could help us help someone in your community who’s having problems with their vision or hearing.

We take care of everything: towing (if necessary), paperwork, the whole nine yards. And the entire process is done at a safe social distance.

If you’d like to learn more, just click here, and regain control of your driveway.


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