How About Those Blue Skies?

How About Those Blue Skies?

In the midst of this strange time, people are finding a few things to celebrate, and here in Southern California, one phenomenon stands out: people are driving less.
That means less pollution, and the cleanest air we’ve seen in decades. The images below show the LA skyline before the pandemic shutdown, then a week afterwards, and the bottom is what it looks like today. It’s a beautiful thing!

Most of us are hardly leaving the house, and some of us are realizing that we really enjoy not having to spend all that time on the freeway. Many of us are working from home, and there are predictions that even after the restrictions are lifted, that may continue.

After all, if employers can pay less for office space and productivity doesn’t drop, what’s not to like?

Another plus: maybe you don’t really need that second (or third) car. Wouldn’t it be nice to save the money you’d spend on gas, maintenance, registration, smog tests?

We can help. If you donate that car to LSH, it’s the perfect transaction for these times: no contact required! You make a simple phone call and we do all the rest. We’ll pick it up and deal with all the paperwork.

Just click here, and feel great about your contribution to those beautiful blue skies.

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