Deaf Community Feels Overlooked in Debates

 There has never been a sign language interpreter for a US presidential debate. Erin Rosenfeld was one of the millions of Americans who tuned in to watch the first presidential debate last month but quickly turned it off after struggling to keep up with the closed captions, Fox News reports. “I...

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Raising Deaf Awareness in a Virtual World

Hermosa Beach group gets creative. COVID-19 has halted many events, but it has not stopped a group of volleyball players in the South Bay, NBC News reports. Every October, Manhattan Beach native Kelsey Brandin organizes the Volley4Sound charity beach volleyball tournament in Hermosa Beach, where...

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Pandemic Is Hard on the Hard of Hearing

Isolation takes its toll. During the pandemic, many seniors have become isolated from their family and peers. According to the American Academy of Audiology (AAA), older adults who have been successful hearing aid users may be using their hearing aids less because they feel there is no one to...

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How To Qualify