Ben Lazarus

It was a chance meeting: Ben Lazarus was volunteering at a memorial service when he met LSH Foundation CEO Randy Stein. Randy liked his work and hired Ben to make a video for the foundation, interviewing its staff and clients.

“In the process, I found out about the work they do,” Ben recounts. And he was impressed – so much so that he wanted to support the work of the foundation.  

Ben is on the board of a family foundation set up by his grandmother. “We want to assist efforts to adjust society, so that people have access to housing, food and medical care,” he says. The work of LSH fit right into that description.

While shooting the video, Ben met the people the foundation serves. “I remember one particular lady who was a caretaker,” he says. “For her, getting her sight back was the beginning of getting her livelihood back.”

Ben went to his family’s foundation and asked for a donation to LSH, and the family agreed that it would be a good investment.

Among other things, he says, “LSH is a really lean organization. There’s barely anybody working there, but it’s a fast and simple process to apply. It’s not a big, bloated organization.”

“There are so many people that need that kind of help and just don’t know where to look,” he says, “and it’s harder to know if they can’t see or hear.”

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