UPDATE to Medicare Sight and Hearing Benefits Bill

We all know how important Medicare benefits are for countless Americans. In August I talked about the Medical Dental, Vision and Hearing Benefit Act introduced in Congress, which is designed to expand Medicare coverage in these critical areas. While we still don’t know if and when this bill will...

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ZOOM: Blessing or Curse?

I have a bit if a love-hate relationship with the whole ZOOM phenomenon. In many ways it has been a blessing during the pandemic. Meeting via ZOOM is definitely not the same as meeting in person, but it’s allowed millions of kids to (sort of) keep up with their school work, and millions more...

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How to Preserve Your Eyesight as You Age

Changes in eyesight are a significant health problem for older adults, and can significantly affect your sense of independence and overall quality of life, Forbes Health reports. By age 40, you may begin to notice slight changes in your eyesight that, if left untreated, can quickly get worse. You...

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