September Is Deaf Awareness Month!

Learning and being aware of Deafness, hearing loss, Deaf culture, and Deaf identity can be extremely helpful to the Deaf people in your community. Since you never know when you might run into someone who is Deaf,  we’re sharing 10 things to be aware of for Deaf Awareness Month, thanks to...

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Can AirPods Be Used as Hearing Aids?

For many older adults with mild hearing loss, wireless earbuds like AirPods can be used as an assisted listening device when paired with a smartphone, Senior Living reports. They are cheaper than hearing aids, and no one can tell that the wearer is using the devices to amplify sounds. AirPods have...

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Will Hearing Aids Ever Be Hip?

That’s the question New York Times health columnist Jane Brody asks this week. She points out that two-thirds of Americans aged 70 and older “have clinically relevant hearing loss,” according to the Johns Hopkins Cochlear Center for Hearing and Public Health, and reminds us that unaddressed...

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