Theresa Johnson

“You don’t know what a blessing it is.”

Theresa Johnson thought people were mumbling. “I noticed it a couple of years ago,” she told us, “and I thought, ‘Why do I keep saying Excuse me?’ It was bugging me, and it was bugging other people too. I had a real hard time just talking to people.”

Finally Theresa went to get her hearing tested, and confirmed that she needed hearing aids. She called her insurance company and found that she would have to pay a lot more than she could afford.

“I don’t have that kind of money,” she said. “I just have Social Security and my pension from Target,” her former employer.

Theresa went back to the office where she’d been tested, and Julie Madeira at Connect Hearing in Chula Vista got on her computer.

A couple of days later she got a phone call from Lynzee Browning at the LSH office. Soon she had an appointment to get hearing aids. “They treated me really wonderful,” she says. “They were glad to help me.”

Now, Theresa says, her life has changed. “I can understand what people say. I can leave my door open to the courtyard and the TV isn’t blaring out. People don’t look at me like I have two heads — I don’t have to keep asking people to repeat.

“You don’t know what a blessing it is.”

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