SuAnne White

"We’ll continue to give, because that’s what we do.”

For many years, SuAnne White has had a special interest in helping people with vision loss. Along with her husband Andrew, she has spent many hours at screenings sponsored by Lions Clubs throughout the Los Angeles area and Orange County. She’s committed to spreading the word about the LSH mission and reaching more people in need of vision-saving eye surgery.

“Whenever we can,” she says, “we go to screenings and share what LSH can do.”

As a member of the LSH Board of Directors, SuAnne also supports the foundation financially. “I’d like to see other people want to step up and give,” she says. “The more financial assistance we can give, the better our organization can help more people.”

SuAnne finds it very rewarding to see the results of her efforts. “We see elderly people who couldn’t see for 10 years because of cataracts, and now they can see their grandchildren for the first time.”

“We’ve been blessed with so many things in our lives – we’ve been giving back for 30 years now. We’ll continue to give, because that’s what we do.”

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