Jose Huerta

“You guys changed his life completely.”

Photo:  Anne Fishbein

At 84, Jose Huerta was having trouble with his hearing aids. His health insurance policy had expired and he couldn’t afford to renew it.

For months, he struggled to hear.

“He was having trouble with everything,” his daughter Amanda told us. “He had to concentrate really hard; he thought it was his physical condition. He was depressed because he didn’t know what the problem was.”

Jose has a big family – with 26 grandchildren, he has lost count of the number of his great grandchildren – somewhere between 10 and 15, he thinks. But his lack of hearing made it really hard to participate in family activities. “He couldn’t understand what people were telling him,” Amanda noted.

Then a social worker told Jose about LSH. She gave him an application, and soon he was approved for new hearing aids.

Now Jose is again a fully present member of his family, and his depression is gone.

“You guys changed his life completely,” Amanda says.

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