Eduardo Enriquez

“Thank God, my life is back.”

For many years, Eduardo Enriquez has been a working musician, singing his own brand of Tex-Mex for parties and quinceañeras.

But 10 years ago, he began to lose his vision. Sunlight bothered him a lot. “At night I couldn’t see at all, and the headlights on the cars hurt my eyes. I couldn’t read.”

He stopped driving, stopped working, and stopped running – he was an avid runner before he lost his sight. And because he didn’t have health insurance, Eduardo waited a long time before he finally saw a doctor and found that he had cataracts in both eyes. He had lost 90 percent of the vision in his right eye. Fortunately, the receptionist in the doctor’s office at the Pacific Eye Institute referred Eduardo to LSH.  “I call her an angel,” he says, “because she told me about the foundation.”

At first, he says, his wife didn’t believe him when he told her that there was an organization that would help him get his vision back. But she called our office and found out that it was true. Soon Eduardo was scheduled for surgery on his right eye. The doctors discovered that he had also lost 50 percent of the vision in his other eye – and three weeks later, he had surgery to restore the vision in that eye as well.

Recently he’s started to think about performing again. “My inspiration is Kenny Rogers,” he told us. “He had his first hit at 60.”

Eduardo has also started running again. “I’m reading again – I can see perfectly. I can read the little letters.”

“Thank God, my life is back.”

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