Chris Brown

“I love you people for helping me out.”

Twenty years ago, Chris Brown had surgery for an aggressive tumor on the right side of his head, and it left him with severely impaired hearing.

“I was one of the lucky ones,” Chris told us. “It was an 8-hour surgery and the doctor told me that not many people live through it.”

But since then, Chris has needed hearing aids, and it’s been a struggle. He changed his health insurance and for a while he had the devices, but then they started not to work.

Chris wasn’t sure where to turn. He lives on Social Security and he couldn’t afford to replace his old hearing aids. His favorite activity is going on church retreats, but when he went, “I had no hearing aids, so I couldn’t hear what was being said. It was a missed opportunity.”

Then through his church, Chris met a member of his local Lions Club, who sent him to LSH.

“I love you people for helping me out,” he told us, “because it helps me hear the word of the Lord and
the music.”

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