Charlene Sims

"I like to keep my money local."

“I like to keep my money local,” Charlene Sims tells us.

That’s a good thing for us — because it means Charlene is one of our most loyal supporters.

Living in the High Desert, and a longtime member of the Ridgecrest Lions Club where she’s now the Club Administrator, Charlene can see the good LSH does right in her back yard.

When her elderly friend Alice Jones lost her hearing, LSH was able to help out. “It really made a difference in her life,” Charlene says.

Charlene also worked for years in the chemical industry, where eye safety was a big deal. “Safety glasses are required; it’s very important. Watching training videos at work taught me how important it is to protect your eyes.”

The same principle applies to hearing, she says. Her elderly father-in-law refused to get his hearing tested, and “It was very hard to communicate with him.”

She says it’s difficult to understand why Medicare doesn’t cover the cost of hearing aids — but she’s glad LSH is ready to help. Knowing that assistance is available to people right in her community, Charlene observes that “You never know when you’re going to be talking to them and they can see you and they can hear you” because of LSH.

“I like doing local, in and around where I live and work,” she says. “That’s why I’m so glad to have you.”



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