Carlos Del Cid

“I feel like a new person. You guys changed my life.”

About a year ago, Carlos Del Cid started noticing that his vision was failing. It quickly became so blurry that he had to stop his work as an auto mechanic.

As his blindness progressed, he became more and more dependent on his grown children. He couldn’t bathe or shave himself. “It was a bit sad,” he told us.
Carlos didn’t have health insurance, and the doctors his family consulted charged way more than they could afford for surgery to restore his sight.

“We went to four places before we found the Inland Eye Institute,” his daughter Griselda told us. His doctor, Richard Roe, told the family about LSH.

“I called you guys,” Griselda recalls, “and I got the paperwork faxed the next day. We thought it was going to take a long time, but it was very quick. He was scheduled for surgery 20 days later.”

Now Carlos is independent again. He can take care of himself. “I feel like a new person,” he told us. “You guys changed my life.”

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