Amanda Jones

“I feel really blessed and grateful that I qualified.”

Photo:  Anne Fishbein

Amanda Jones was born with impaired hearing, but her family didn’t figure that out until she was almost 5 years old.

She has relied on hearing aids ever since, and as a teacher, she needs to be able to communicate with her kids.

She got a pair of digital hearing aids seven years ago. “It was life-changing for me,” she told us. But that pair began to lose their power just as the Covid-19 pandemic appeared. She was trying to teach via ZOOM with some of the kids wearing masks, and she had to keep asking them to speak louder.

“It was hard,” she says. “Kids don’t understand.”

Loud noises were very scary, she told us, because she couldn’t discern where they were coming from.

Amanda started searching for solutions online and found LSH.

Now she has new hearing aids and she’s back to teaching in person. “I can locate sounds now,” she says, “And I’m much more self-reliant.” She doesn’t have to keep telling the kids to speak up.

“I feel really blessed and grateful that I qualified,” she says.

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