Donate in Honor of Someone Special


 Dedicate your donation to LSH In Honor  of someone special to you.  Complete the form completing form including Honor’s name.

In Honor: Celebrate a birthday or anniversary or simply a special person in your life.  We will list the occasion and/or the name as well as the name of the donor.  If your Honoree has passed away but you don’t have a picture and short bio – feel free to choose this option.

1. Complete Donation Amount

2. Comment – Check box if you want to send us a comment with this donation

3. Complete your First & Last Name and your email address

4. Fill-in Name of Honoree

5. Complete Rest of Donation Form

In Memory Gift: If you would like to memorialize a loved one who has passed away and can share a picture and short biography please complete In Memory of Donation form.

Lions please see our special Lions Awards Page for additional honoring options.

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