7 Signs Your Hearing Aids Might Need to be Changed

7 Signs Your Hearing Aids Might Need to be Changed

So, how do you know when it’s time to update or upgrade your hearing aids?

In our Success Story about Amanda Jones, she said realized she needed new hearing aids when she had to keep asking her students to speak louder. That’s just one scenario – there are a lot of different signs or reasons why your hearing aids might need to be changed. Many things determine how effective your hearing aids are for you and your current lifestyle.

Hearing aids, like all other technology, only last for a certain amount of time. In fact, according to Healthy Hearing, hearing aids last roughly 3-7 years. That may not seem like a very long time, but keep in mind that this is a piece of technology you use all day, every day.

Here are 7 signs that indicate you should consider updating your hearing aids this year:

  1. Your hearing aids are unreliable, or beyond repair.

If your devices are very old, or not great quality, you might be dealing with buzzing or other annoying problems. When a specialist determines that your hearing aids can no longer be repaired, or are not worth repairing, it’s time to look at new ones.

  1. Your hearing has changed.

Hearing, just like vision, changes over time. This means you may need a new prescription, and potentially more powerful devices. Having your hearing and hearing aids checked every year is important.

  1. Your health has changed.

Changes in your health might also mean you need a new or different type of hearing device. For example, developing arthritis can mean a different type of hearing aids might be easier for you to wear. As an example, there are hearing aids that can be charged themselves, rather than having to take out and change the battery.

  1. Your hearing aids are more than 4 years old.

Even if you’ve done a great job cleaning and taking care of your hearing aids, moisture and ear wax can damage them over time. Plus, older hearing aids mean older technology. Newer models are digital, as compared to analog ones that need new batteries more frequently, which can be pricey. Additionally, the newer models will have more advanced technology that can better minimize background noise and amplify the sounds you want to hear. They may even be programmable via your smartphone, or able to connect to other devices.

  1. Your lifestyle has changed.

When your life changes, your current devices might not be able to meet your needs. A new passion, such as hiking, might mean you need more rugged hearing aids that block the sound of wind better. Or maybe you recently upgraded your television or phone, and want your hearing aids to be able to connect to that device for watching shows, or the news.

  1. Your finances have improved.

When you last got your hearing aids, perhaps you were limited by finances. If your financial situation has improved, you might be able to get an upgraded pair that can do more for you. Maybe you want a different look, or something more stylish. Today, there are now more shapes, sizes, and colors than ever before.

  1. Your feelings about hearing aids have changed.

It is well known that it can take years for someone to accept that they need hearing aids. Once you’ve worn hearing aids for a while, and understand your needs and wants better, you might want to take a look at devices that have different capabilities and settings.

If any of the above signs ring true for you, we encourage you to have your hearing and hearing aids reevaluated every year. If, like Amanda, you live in our California Service Area and could use help getting hearing aids, go to How to Qualify – LSH Hearing Services.

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