#LoveYourEyes on World Sight Day 2021

Today is World Sight Day 2021 and I wanted to share 10 tips so you can carry out this year’s theme “Love Your Eyes.” According to the World Health Organization at least 1 billion people have a visual impairment that could have been prevented or hasn’t been addressed. Visual impairment affects so...

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This week I was going to tell you about Apple’s strong history of accessibility features, specifically how to turn AirPods into hearing aids. This amazing technology is easy to set up (see our article with four easy steps) and will help many people with hearing loss. Unfortunately, Apple’s strong...

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Sight Improving? That may not be a Good Sign!

You’d think that if your vision suddenly gets better, it’s a good thing — right? Well, sadly, no. The truth is that if you have poor eyesight and there’s an unexpected improvement it could be a sign that you have diabetes. I know, how does this even make sense? Actually, it’s pretty straight...

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