COVID Good News

We all need some good news — right? Well, I’m here for you. According to the Los Angeles Times, hospitalizations for COVID-19 in California are at their lowest point since the pandemic began. That represents a 93% drop since the peak in January — definitely cause for celebration!...

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Mother’s Day Cometh!

Here we go again — it’s almost here. A week from Sunday is Mother’s Day, and as usual, you have no idea what to do about it. Am I right? Also as usual, I’m here to help, with a new twist. If you’ve been reading these posts for a while, you won’t be surprised at...

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Meet Kerstin, Our Outreach Coordinator

Kerstin Brucki has a lifelong acquaintance with blindness. Wet macular degeneration runs in her dad’s side of the family. “I know the impact of not having sight,” she says. “It’s a soft spot in my heart.” So when Kerstin was introduced to her local Lions Club in...

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