Those We Lost

Amid all the drama that 2020 has brought us, I wanted to pause for a moment and remember two of our own. Earlier this year we lost PDG Bill Walters, and just this month our former president, Hall Stearns, passed away. For many of us, the loss is personal: both Hal and Bill were wonderful human...

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Your Giving Goes Further This Year

A small ray of sunshine. Some days I look at the calendar and think, “How is it already December?” Other days I think, “Will this year ever end?” Well, no matter what I think, it’s happening. The holidays are upon us. And it’s always a happy time for LSH, since...

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It’s Not Junk!

Don’t you just hate it when you go out to move the old car because it’s street-cleaning day, and there’s this little white card stuck in the driver’s side window saying WE BUY JUNK CARS? “It’s not junk,” you mutter angrily. I get it. It really isn’t...

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How To Qualify